Tribeck puts people’s feelings
at the forefront of every decision
to create fruitful customer experiences.
This is how Tribeck drives digital transformation, DX.

Tribeck is a customer experience consulting partner leveraging two major advantages:
(i) digital technologies that connect you with your customers and (ii) human-centered marketing strategies.
We strengthen our clients’ corporate brands with our digital technologies
and maximize customer loyalty through our marketing strategies.

Our Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose and Mission - 1Who is DX for?

DX, or digital transformation, is revolutionizing business initiatives worldwide.
However, many organizations fail to act and tend to lag behind in this race.

What is DX really about?

During a DX process, it is important to put customers’ feelings first, even when implementing new technologies.

Our Purpose and Mission - 2Tribeck’s business foundation: Nice to People, Good for the Digital World

“Nice to People, Good for the Digital World” is our corporate philosophy.
This philosophy is underpinned by our mindset of pursuing authentic, user-oriented DX.
Creating a business foundation with human-centered digital technology that is, by considering who benefits from your DX and how will enable your business to make a big leap forward. We believe that this is what DX is truly about.

Our Purpose and Mission - 3We harness and deliver
innovative digital technology to all who need it.

Tribeck aims to create innovations and a digital impetus
that will take the world to the next level.
This is our corporate purpose and mission.
Tribeck’s marketing strategies are developed based on deep insights
into people’s thoughts and expectations.
We use these insights to promote your initiatives and build strong customer loyalty.
By being considerate of people’s feelings, we strive to connect people with digital technology.
Nice to People, Good for the Digital World:
Tribeck is here to support you in creating a brighter tomorrow.

Our Approach

Our ApproachDeep insights into people’s feelings form
the lifeblood of our consulting services.

Tribeck has always valued people’s feelings.
We live in digital environments, and a core challenge of corporate marketing is determining
how to deal with people’s feelings and thoughts. Considering them, Tribeck has conducted
several studies to understand what our clients hope to achieve.
A notable step in this regard is a usability assessment conducted every year since 2004.
Tribeck leverages the solutions attained through our unique HUMAN INSIGHT CX method
to help clients enhance their brand values and achieve impactful business outcomes.


Tribeck offers services that cover all aspects of DX.

As a full-service DX consulting company, we offer a wide range of services and one-stop solutions
from digital marketing and brand strategies to customer acquisition and nurturing.