Two types of platforms are available: a DX platform supporting the overall businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises and a marketing platform specializing in eCommerce business

We offer the following two DX platforms.
・Hirameki 7 solves challenges, from business efficiency to management improvement,
that small and medium-sized enterprises face during the DX implementation processes.
It also helps increase sales and vitalize local businesses.
・HIRAMEKI XD provides actionable marketing measures after carefully analyzing big data,
such as behaviors and purchase histories of consumers who visit an eCommerce site or online shop.

  • What HIRAMEKI XD can solve

    • Implementing Marketing Automation

      HIRAMEKI XD is a marketing platform for those who are considering implementing marketing automation but don’t know what to choose.

    • Collaborating with other tools

      HIRAMEKI XD is designed for those who want to integrate with a variety of tools using detailed behavioral data logs from their website and e-commerce sites.

    • Increasing Your Resources

      If you have already implemented various marketing tools but are still seeking to optimize their operations and effectiveness, HIRAMEKI XD provides the ideal solution.

    • Collaborating with LINE

      HIRAMEKI XD offers more than just email communication with your customers. You can also collaborate with them using LINE.

    • Building Strong Relationships
      with Your Customers

      HIRAMEKI XD is ideal for those who want to nurture customers strategically through suitable communication for each customer segment.

    • Planning Marketing Measures

      HIRAMEKI XD enables comprehensive marketing strategies by collaborating with e-commerce sites, including Shopify.

    Service Values of HIRAMEKI XD

    Unlock the power of marketing automation and customer relationship management with a single platform.

    HIRAMEKI XD is a marketing platform with simple, low-cost, industry-leading features. It provides various benefits throughout your marketing steps until the desired results are achieved.

    This platform offers powerful customer profiling capabilities by consolidating diverse data, including access logs, demographic information, and purchase histories. With its advanced segmentation system, you can create tailored, one-to-one marketing initiatives across multiple channels.

    Experience increased sales through HIRAMEKI XD method for e-commerce optimization.

    Tribeck had developed a proven method, called HXD method, which can boost your e-commerce sales. We share this method with you.

    Customer engagement is an example of the importance of effective communication with your customers. It is not just about the creativity of your content but also about how often and when you communicate with them. By making appropriate adjustments to these factors, you can improve customer satisfaction.

    Are you currently experiencing any of the following challenges?

    • The open rates for both email and LINE have decreased.
    • The churn and unfriendliness rates for mail magazines have increased.
    • Sales through email newsletters are declining.

    You will be pleased to know that the HXD method includes fail-safe measures that respond quickly. Not only that, but it incorporates expertise to help maintain and nurture your customers.

    Let our dedicated planning team be your partner in success, providing unwavering support until you achieve your desired results.

    At Tribeck, we place a great emphasis on the mindset of our project members. We believe they should take data seriously to gain insight into consumers’ needs and preferences. As marketers, they are expected to strive toward the ideal user experience scenario continually.

    “Rather than being fooled by marketing tools, strive to become a reliable digital marketer.”

    Besides implementing tools, we offer consistent support for reliable digital marketing operations. This includes designing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), developing scenarios, and providing training.

    Client companies using HIRAMEKI XD

    • 株式会社キャメル珈琲
    • 株式会社ANAP
    • トランスコスモス株式会社
    • la belle vie 株式会社
    • 株式会社サイト・パブリス
    • サニーヘルス株式会社
    • 株式会社cinra
    • AlphaTheta株式会社
  • What Hirameki 7 can solve

    • Increasing Customers

      Hirameki 7 has features and functions to start digital PR easily for those who face marketing challenges in attracting customers.

    • Increasing Your Time

      Hirameki 7 includes cloud storage that is useful for document management and promotes operational efficiency for persons in charge who want to allocate their time better.

    • Increasing Your Assets

      Various handy features, including business analysis and cash flow forecasting, are aggregated to support managers who need to increase their assets.

    • Building Business Relationships

      User communities are available for all users, providing windows of opportunity for interbusiness networking events and PR, which would serve to increase business relationships.

    • Increasing Sales

      Functions that facilitate a revenue increase, which is the driving force of business growth, are scheduled to be offered.

      * Scheduled for release

    • Increasing Human Resources

      We plan to provide functions and features that can help increase human resources and support a company’s future.

      * Scheduled for release

    Features and functions to increase customers through digital marketing

    Hirameki 7 provides a set of four digital marketing essentials websites, forms, business card management, and mail delivery. They are designed to work together mutually and lead to a 70%* reduction in person-hours compared to using tools individually.
    *According to our research

    Support for learning about the current situation and preparing for the future by linking accounting data*

    The business analysis tool enables time-series analyses of accounting data and comparisons with statistical data. Based on past financial information, the equipped AI provides reports of forecasted changes in the balance of cash and deposits for six months into the future.

    *These services are exclusive to users currently using ACELINK NX-Pro provided by MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE CO., LTD.

    Systems to connect with business colleagues and partners from various fields and forge relationships

    By joining exclusive communities, Hirameki 7 users can exchange various ideas with business executives sharing the same goals as well as deepen business relationships in private groups or have casual conversations in individual chat rooms. Other than these, a wealth of helpful content posted by experts from various fields is available.

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Our platforms are simple to use and lead to business success with actionable data.


HIRAMEKI XD is a marketing platform with simple, low-cost, industry-leading features. It provides various benefits throughout your marketing steps until the desired results are achieved.

Hirameki 7

Hirameki 7 solves challenges, from business efficiency to management improvement, that small and medium-sized enterprises face during DX implementation processes. It helps increase sales and vitalize local businesses by managing various business operations on a single platform.

We are always with you to support you in overcoming business challenges.

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