ServiceAdvertising Agency Services

Tribeck drafts and executes promotion strategies
that touch people’s hearts.

Based on advertisers’ targets and needs, we draw up marketing strategies, conduct media planning,
manage the placement of advertisements, and prepare advertising effectiveness reports.

We also offer advertising suggestions for various in-house media such as “bizocean.”
Our proposals are also for programmatic advertising on other web media and for managing ad placements,
listings, and networks. Our broad experience and rich knowledge in B2B marketing allow us to establish trust
with many advertisers in the finance, telecommunications, IT, and human resource sectors.


  • Posting Ads on bizocean

    For those who are interested in placing advertisements through online media, including bizocean

  • Planning Your Advertising

    For those who want to create B2B marketing strategies and plans

  • Developing Effective PDCA Cycles

    For those who are interested in implementing an effective plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle-from reviewing numerical values of marketing results to taking corrective actions

Our Service Values

You can reach out to over three million business people.

Tribeck operates a website named “bizocean” with over three million members and a daily enrollment figure of approximately 1,500 business people. Its data of unparalleled membership, dominated by management and executives, ensures that your advertisements will reach the right targets. We also propose promotional planning for B2B acquisitions using other companies’ media.

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Exclusive staff members will be assigned to provide you with proposals and support you in solving marketing challenges.

We develop plans in line with your marketing initiatives and help you solve the marketing issues you are facing. Accordingly, our specialized team identifies problems in your business strategies, develops marketing measures suited to your targets and objectives, conducts media planning, manages ad placements, and creates marketing effectiveness reports.

Our Clients

  • Sansan, Inc.
  • KnowledgeSuite Inc.
  • HRBrain, Inc.
  • NI Consulting Co.,Ltd
  • OKAN Inc.
  • ASHITA-TEAM Co., Ltd.
  • Ielove GROUP
  • Infomart Corporation
  • ONLY
  • kaonavi, inc.
  • Credit Saison Co.,Ltd.
  • SiGHTViSiT
  • Mynavi Corporation
  • RAKUS Co., Ltd.

Major Service

We offer specialized B2B support in various areas, from developing marketing strategies to verifying advertising effectiveness.

  • B2B Marketing Strategy Development

    We conduct external and internal environmental analyses according to your business strategies and draw out the type of value you should provide to your customers based on targeting and positioning.

  • Advertising in Owned Media

    You can place advertisements aligned with your marketing targets on the bizocean website in multiple formats, such as mail magazine ads, white paper download ads, seminar ads, etc.

  • Selecting Other Media and Operating Advertisements

    We provide various online advertising services, which include placing advertisements on other companies’ website media and programmatic advertising such as listing and network advertising.

  • Reporting

    We consistently use PDCA cycles to quantify the value of your online advertisements and take measures to improve them.

We are always with you to support you in overcoming business challenges.

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