The underpinning of Tribeck’s business is a commitment to prioritizing people’s feelings.

It is a time of drastic change. Technology is evolving rapidly, and society is increasingly moving toward digital goods and services.
This seismic shift is, in turn, causing significant changes in people’s lives.

Several companies have begun distancing themselves from their users, a move that comes after being swayed by the rapidly changing digital environment and pursuing digitalization in which company benefits, rather than user benefits, come first.
However, it is crucial to be conscious of customer centricity in this digital age. To enhance customer royalties and to be chosen, companies need to provide quality customer experiences that are driven by customers’ feelings.

Our consulting services begin with interactions with our users and our customers’ users to gain deeper insights into their thoughts. We regard providing customer benefits as the overriding priority in all phases.
“HUMAN INSIGHT CX,” our unique method, is based on this mindset.

We promise the best digital solutions to bring significant changes to your customer experiences and lead your projects to success.

  1. Strategy
    • Analysis of the present state
    • Workshops
    • Identifying issues and providing actionable measures
  2. User Experience (UX)/Creative Content
    • Customer journey
    • UI/UX design
    • Design
    • Prototype testing
  3. Development
    • Requirement definition
      and detailed design
    • Contents management system (CMS)
    • Coding
    • System development
    • Infrastructure/security
  4. Operation
    • Establishment of various guidelines
    • Site operation
    • System maintenance
    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)/
      Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA)/
      data management