Our Philosophy

Corporate Purpose Nice to People, Good for the Digital World

  • Tribeck has a specific picture of the future: Digitalization will enable people to thrive. We will realize societies wherein, no matter how far digital technology advances, consideration for others will never fail to be the starting point of all growth and improvement.

    To create a world in which no one is left behind, including people who do not take full advantage of digital technology, in which divisions are overcome and all people smile regardless of their country, region, or race—that is Tribeck's mission.

    As times change and evolve, divisions often arise.
    What bridges them is consideration for others. We are a professional group that values consideration and connects people through digital solutions.

    Let's move toward advancements in Japan and worldwide through the use of digital technologies!

    We at Tribeck are here for you.

    • Pursuing and employing considerate communication
    • Being earnest
    • Being curious
    • Try, Try, Try!
    • Professionalism
    • Team-first and customer-first approach
    • Taking ownership of problems
    • Personal branding
    • Maintaining a good work-life balance
    • Borderless