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Our research approach involves eliciting and understanding people’s feelings to identify the fundamental challenges to be addressed.

We provide research-based solutions by leveraging the expertise that the TRIBECK Brand Strategy Institute,
Tribeck’s third-party research organization, has cultivated over decades.
These solutions help companies visualize the effectiveness of their branding or owned media.
We also establish de facto quality standards to improve the value of intellectual properties, such as owned media.


  • Visualizing a website’s value

    For those who want to visualize the contributions of their owned media

  • Identifying issues

    For those who want to survey and analyze the current state of their website to prepare for redesigning them

  • Grading the value of customer experience

    For those who want to score and enhance the customer experiences (CX) at each touchpoint

  • Improving usability score

    For those who want to improve the usability and quality of your user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) and the satisfaction level of website users

  • Recognizing web loyalty and brand power

    For those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the customer loyalty created through owned media

  • Obtaining user insights

    For those who want to conduct surveys or tests to figure out users’ thoughts and needs

Our Service Values

As a think tank, we conduct objective research based on your customers’ day-to-day lives

We continuously build unique, new evaluation criteria to determine the value of brands and owned media in response to changes in internet environments, technology, and consumer awareness. We offer innovative research solutions that consider consumers’ perspectives.

We redesign your website to solve the business challenges identified through our research.

Through research and marketing consulting, we offer solutions that enhance the quality and value of your brand and owned media. We clarify the status of your website by calculating various scores based on outcomes inspired by research and then propose remedies and website redesigning strategies to improve these scores.

Major Service

Here is a diverse lineup of services to meet your needs, from individual consulting services to packaged research services.

  • Experience Management Consulting

    We offer specialized consulting services for experience management. These include conducting research and surveys, analyzing experience management data, and preparing improvement measures.

  • Brand Management Consulting

    Our consulting services are aimed at improving the value of your corporate brand, ensuring complete, successful branding, and managing the brand.

  • Website Evaluation

    We provide brand strategies, website research, and consulting services to improve your website.

    Our clients are from a broad range of industries. Many companies rely on and apply the outcomes of our unique research as benchmarks.

  • Analysis of Usability and Communication Effectiveness

    It is important to consider the following questions:

    - Who do you communicate with through your owned media?
    - Does your owned media foster user engagement?

    We offer programs to evaluate the performance of your website extensively and objectively in terms of usability and communication effectiveness.

  • Understanding Consumer Royalties through Digital Media

    Visualizing the collective strength of your owned media allows you to obtain a concrete picture of the consumer royalties cultivated through the media.

  • Gathering User Insights

    Obtaining user insights is the first, critical step to understanding consumers’ feelings and psychology. Various user research methods and surveys are available based on your needs.

    • Insight Finderリモートユーザーテストにでユーザー行動プロセスを観察
  • Consulting Services

    Our consulting services are aimed at enhancing the value of customers, assets, and internal human resources.

We are always with you to support you in overcoming business challenges.

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Adding value to customer experiences by understanding people’s feelings and needs