Message from the President and CEOOur Business Is All About Creating a Better Future While Enduring a Turbulent Era

Over the past few years, the world has experienced unprecedented change that has significantly impacted our daily lives, environments, values, and consumer behavior. The transformation via digital technology is at the center of change. Digital technologies have become essential for our lives and could be considered important infrastructures, like water, electricity, and gas.

The media often reports that digital transformation (DX) has been rapid in the global business sector. Is this really the case?

Taking Japan’s current state as an example, some major organizations have undergone DX, while less than 10% of small- to medium-sized companies have done the same. Many companies lack the speed of digital adoption necessary to achieve the desired performance in global competition.

What Tribeck sees in these kinds of delays is the importance of having an expert as a business partner. With an understanding of the desired expertise at each level of digitalization, we are committed to pursuing the intrinsic value of DX and creating a bright future.

CX and UX: Building Blocks of True DX

What does a company need to envision a bright future? People often answer, “It’s DX,” with the assumption that it’s just mere digitization of the workplace.

The essential meaning of DX is about a determination to undergo a drastic transformation for the future and solid intent to make changes. You can leverage D (digital) tools to enhance and realize your intentions. Things in the digital realm are just tools that work best for companies eager for change. There should be more focus on X, transformation.

As an effective way to promote a transformation, an approach of examining CX, customer experience, and UX, user experience means a lot to us.

Brand-new design methods for CX are necessary to respond to the re-evaluated benefits from in-person communications. A vague image of customer experience is shaped when a user experiences a product or service. Digital media, including websites, SNS, and digital applications, are necessities at each customer touchpoint. Their usability is indispensable, and besides that, they should be inspiring.

Pursuing optimal CX and UX, we support corporate transformation and help establish customer relationships by connecting a company and its customers with digital technologies.

Our Four Operations to Support Your DX

We have the right people and knowledge to support our clients in all aspects, via four major operations: experience management, digital marketing, media advertising agency, and DX platform.

The marketing issues we need to address have become increasingly complex. We demonstrate professionalism in each operation and maximize synergy effects to offer solutions for multifaceted issues that will resolve your problems comprehensively and profoundly. Our goal as a full-service DX consulting company is to help our clients achieve true DX. We also aim to support the sustainable growth of our clients based on long-lasting partnerships.

What We Treasure to Build a Brighter Tomorrow

Understanding people’s feelings and thoughts, we care about the communications, which convey them and deliver a corporate philosophy.
With the IoT, artificial intelligence, and robots, automation trends are accelerating in the world today. Now more than ever, people’s feelings should be central to every aspect of the business field. One of our guiding principles requires all Tribeck employees to pursue considerate communication. This principle reflects the foundation of our culture: Before being a digital professional, be a professional who can empathize with people’s feelings.

Conveying our corporate philosophy is another critical mission: We genuinely believe in the value of interactive communications that resonate with people.

Building a Company for the Future

Tribeck aims to continue to do business for the next century.

What we need to do is gain insight into corporate marketing activities without chasing transient digital fads and support clients in facilitating customer communications using digital technology to bridge the gap between a company and its clients.

To make our business sustainable, we are also focused on human resource development and improving working conditions to maintain a proper balance between work and personal life.

As your most reliable business partner, we will continue our relentless efforts to create business momentum, sustain growth, and bring our business into the future.

President and CEO Hiroshi Goto