We are considerate of your thoughts and feelings
while assisting with back-office operations.
Our media will streamline your business processes.

Our services enable work efficiency. They include “bizocean,” Japan’s largest business site for templates
and how-to guides, and “Social Kigyo Joho” (SKJ), a client’s list building service.
These cover the whole gamut of knowledge related to media in a versatile and standardized way,
and assist you with realizing effective back-office operations.


  • Ensuring Work Efficiency

    For those who need to streamline business operations or make them more practical.

  • Saving Search Time

    For those who want to get actionable articles or information for work practices

  • Facilitating Information Management and Sharing

    For those who want to share office information effortlessly

Our Service Values

We address your problems through our back-office support services.

If you are yet to incorporate digital technologies into the back-office operations of some divisions-human resources, accounting, finance, legal, and general affairs-we are here for you. Our services improve back-office operations in remote work situations and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Approximately 30,000 all-around templates are always available.

Our website “bizocean” offers a wide variety of templates to be used in various business settings.

You can download about 30,000 items in the following categories.
- transaction documents: invoices, order forms
- contract documents: non-disclosure agreements, buy and sell agreements
- personnel documents: part-time worker management, pay slips
- others: proposal templates, holiday card designs, etc.

The site has a marketplace function where you will encounter new templates, both general and specialized, published by registered authors every month.

Major Media

We operate various websites that offer template downloads and share practical business expertise.


bizocean Templates

This is the largest template service in Japan, with approximately 3,0000 items in 700 categories for free download (and some paid).


bizocean Journal

This service provides various informative reports and columns on topics necessary for back-office operations, including business expertise, systems, laws, IT, subsidies, etc. Seminar information and functional materials are also available.


Social Kigyo Joho (SKJ)

This service allows you to build company lists that readily suit your purposes. The number of registrations is constantly over 1 million. We provide high-quality lists.


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